I've been a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance since February 2018.

I completed my yoga certification at Sendatsu Evolution in Seattle, WA and now teach private and group sessions all over the city.

My classes offer students of all levels the opportunities to take care of themselves, learn something new, and feel challenged. I usually teach creative vinyasa sequences with slow, yin-style cool downs -- but every class is different. You'll never be bored!

My ultimate goal as a yoga teacher is to help you BURST YOUR BUBBLE. I want you to consider what might be possible in your life beyond the shoulds, have tos and feelings of self doubt. So many of us feel stuck, in search of passion, or uncertain about what to do next at key moments in our lives. I know from experience that movement and strength training can bust you wide open and I want this freedom for all humans everywhere. I hope that someday, through yoga and hard work, we can all find opportunities for ourselves that may have felt impossible in the past.